Women's 1000 Mile Breeze Lite Sock



The 1000 Mile Breeze Lite Sock is made from revolutionary cooling yarns to keep your feet feeling refreshed and comfortable when the temperature rises. The ultra-soft inner liner quickly transfers body heat and our lightweight outer layer is vented to increase breathability keeping your feet cool under pressure. The 100% NILIT Breeze lining is soft to the touch and gives a smooth sensation on the skin – add to that our double layer construction which reduces friction between foot and shoe, reducing wear and helping to prevent blisters this is the ultimate sock for summer sports. NILIT® BREEZE fibres have been independently tested and proven to lower body temperature.

  • 100% Blister free – Unique double layer construction gives outstanding comfort with no blisters and no wear-out within 1000 miles
  • NILIT ® BREEZE inner layer for extra cool feel
  • Ventilation mesh for superior breathability
  • Flat toe seam Arch bracing for firm grip and support