Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun

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Trusted by top athletes around the world and used daily by sports therapists, the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun delivers an exceptional percussion massage to help you maintain peak physical condition, reduce injury risk, and achieve your personal best.


  • Four speeds
  • Quiet noise technology
  • Simple, intuitive LED touch control panel
  • Built-in rechargeable battery gives three hours of use from a single charge.


  • Select which of the six provided attachment heads feels most comfortable.
  • Place the Pro Massage Gun on the desired muscle area.
  • Move the head slowly around the muscle in a circular motion.
  • Change the speed to suit your needs, up to the maximum speed of 3300 RPM


Large round head: For general full-body work - ideal for beginners.

Small round head: For general full-body work - use it for a deeper, more focused muscle massage.

Flat Head: For general full-body muscle massage with increased intensity and depth.

Pneumatic Head: Especially effective for treating sensitive or more painful areas.

Spinal Head: For targeting muscles around the spine, or for a dual trigger point massage.

Bullet Head: For trigger point therapy, or advanced, localised deep muscle massage.